Market Segmentation White Paper

Using Market Segmentation for Better Customer Service and More Effective Strategic Planning

While market segmentation is new to the public and academic library market, its widespread adoption by large businesses is testimony to its robust and reliable predictive capabilities. This white paper provides a general introduction to the concept, methodology, and use of the market segmentation.

Libraries are using market segmentation in three ways:

  1. To offer their small businesses, entrepeneurs, and non-profits a tool to find and retain customers, improve profitability, find the best location for their business, and develop new products and services for their markets.
  2. For use by students to support research and class projects and to prepare sutdents to use market segmentation in their chosen profession.
  3. For use by the public library itself to improve services by better engaging their library users and those who don't yet use the library.

With the affordability and ease of use of services like BusinessDecision and LibraryDecision, libraries are beginning to adopt market segmentation to meet a variety of needs, including their own strategic planning. To learn more, fill out the form below to receive a detailed white paper.

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