Download a customizable marketing template to distribute to your business patrons. Invite them to use BusinessDecision.

Two templates are for available for download in color or black & white.

Both templates are in Microsoft Word and can be customized with such information as your library's name, phone number, contact person, and logo. Simply enter your information in the appropriate text box.

To download, select either color or black & white. After the dialog box pops up, select a location for file saving that you can remember. After the document has finished download, navigate to the save location using Windows Explorer. Once you are there double click on the zip file icon. Once the zip archive opens, drag and drop the word file located in the zip file to your desktop. Then double click on the word file. Once the word file is open fill in the appropriate fields to customize the template to your library. Once the changes have been made, save the word file so you can go back to it later to make any addition modifications or to print additional copies.
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