What is BusinessDecision?
BusinessDecision is a database, reporting, and mapping service offered to public library small and medium size business patrons to help them grow their enterprises.

BusinessDecision uses remote access, provides unlimited reports and maps, and can be used by an unlimited number of simultaneous users. Any registered library user can access BusinessDecision from any desktop computer's web browser through your library's website.

Why Should a Public Library Subscribe to BusinessDecision?
With BusinessDecision public libraries can empower local businesses with many of the same data, reports, and maps that are used by America's largest and most successful companies.

With BusinessDecision public libraries can offer data, reports, and maps that are not otherwise available in the marketplace.

BusinessDecision is affordable, requires no maintenance or support from your library's technical staff, needs only minor installation (a link on one of your web pages), and can be up and running in just a few days.

To help your library attract local business patrons to use BusinessDecision, we have prepared a model press release to announce the launch of BusinessDecision and a model flier/mailer. Both documents are in Microsoft Word and can be customized with your library's name, logo, and contact information

BusinessDecision is based on GIS
  • Combines extensive consumer household data, market segmentation data, population forecasts and demographic data with state of the art mapping technology
  • Provides site and geographic area market analysis
  • Entirely web-based with reports and maps delivered online "on the fly"
BusinessDecision provides the most reliable data and reports
  • Based on ESRI data and mapping technology. ESRI is the most highly respected and well known provider of GIS software and related business intelligence data world wide.
  • Integrates data across all reports, including Tapestry market segmentation data. Our team works continually to obtain data from the most current sources.
BusinessDecision is wizard-driven and easy to use
  • No previous experience with mapping tools is needed
  • Intuitive interface so that anyone can create maps, reports and spreadsheets without having to be trained in using GIS
  • Using tools previously available only to large corporations, BusinessDecision provides graphs, reports and maps to present information for customized market areas uniquely selected by each end-user
Why Would a Business in Your Community Use BusinessDecision?
  • Increase productivity, competitiveness, and profitability
  • Execute more effectively
  • Focus resources
  • Implement organizational change more quickly
  • Target sponsorships and community investments
What can a Business do with BusinessDecision?
  • Analyze trade areas and create detailed trade areas
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Evaluate market penetration
  • Identify new store locations
  • Target media buys and direct mail campaigns
  • Find new customers
  • Reveal untapped markets
  • Select the right merchandise mix
  • Expand into appropriate new markets
  • Build customer loyalty
Who Uses BusinessDecision?
  • Small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries
  • Business owners and decision-makers
  • Marketing and sales staff
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