15-month first year subscription > Three months FREE to train library staff

Access >

Express Logon > Any user can quickly and easily logon to BusinessDecision. While you can't save projects, reports, and maps or have them e-mailed to you, you can get on and start working in just a few seconds.

My Accounts > Each end-user has the option of registering their own private and personalized account to save projects, reports, and maps, and to have them e-mailed. To set up the account, the end-user fills out personal information including their e-mail address. The end-user's e-mail address is used to link directly to their reports and maps without having to log back on to get them. Please see our Privacy Policy to see how we protect personal information.

High quality data > An extensive range of data from industry leading sources

Reports and maps > An unlimited number of reports and maps

Community Tapestry > Premiere market segmentation system used by America's most successful companies

Unlimited use > An unlimited number of simultaneous users

Remote access > Accessible from any desktop computer web browser through the library's website

Support > Fully supported with frequently asked questions, tips, contact information, and Help Desk

Training > Unlimited web conference training of library staff included in the subscription price

Easy to use > Wizard driven menus get results in real time

Start fast in four steps > 1) define location; 2) choose reports; 3) visualize opportunities; and 4) apply results

Add customer data > End-users can add their own customer data to unlock the power of BusinessDecision

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