Target Market Grow Case Studies

We are excited to offer three case studies detailing the ways our library clients are using market segmentation tools to tarket, market and grow their customer base and empowering their small business customers to do the same.

Case Study: Calcasieu Parish Public Library

Calcasieu Parish Public Library

Library Gives Back to Business Community with BusinessDecision

Following an overwhelming victory for the library mill levy in May 2009, the Calcasieu Parish Public Library turns its focus to helping businesses and parish leaders use market segmentation data and geographic information.

Case Study: Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library

Library Uses Partnerships to Deliver Economic Development Services

The shrinking economy and a growing immigrant population have created new opportunities for the Denver Public Library to play a leadership role in the economic stabilization and growth of the community, garnering recognition from city government and the local media.

Case Study: Pikes Peak Library District

Pikes Peak Library District

Pikes Peak Impacts Economic Stability and Growth with BusinessDecision

BusinessDecision provides a unique and critical resource for economic development that allows the Pikes Peak Library District to connect with its local business community in a way not previously possible, providing vital information for local entrepreneurs to start, grow, and sustain business.