CIVICTechnologies Introduces BusinessDecision Academic

Simplified access to GIS data for students, faculty and staff

Pasadena, CA — June 14, 2007 — CIVICTechnologies, an award-winning ESRI Business Partner and the leading provider of geographic information system (GIS) data to public libraries, announced today the introduction of BusinessDecision Academic. Designed to meet research and class project needs, BusinessDecision Academic does not require previous experience with GIS data and can be used readily by students, faculty and staff.

Based on ESRI data and mapping technology, BusinessDecision Academic provides reliable data and graphic reports to support research and class projects, including development of business, strategic, and marketing plans and demographic analysis for other fields such as public health, urban planning, sociology and public administration. ESRI is the most highly respected and well known provider of GIS software to the academic market. More than 3,000 educational institutions use ESRI software.

Using BusinessDecision Academic, researchers can evaluate potential sites for new stores, clinics or service centers; analyze trade areas; evaluate market penetration; perform competitive analyses and more – all without the need for specialized GIS training.

"While some students, faculty and staff need to understand and use native GIS technology, many others just want access to the data quickly and easily," said Marc Futterman, president of CIVICTechnologies. "For the non-GIS expert, BusinessDecision Academic is an incredible tool providing reliable data and graphic reports for PEST and SWOT analyses or business, marketing, sales and strategic plans."

"BusinessDecision Academic will expand the use of GIS data beyond map libraries to virtually every library on campus," said Angela Lee, Industry Marketing Manager for Libraries and Museums, ESRI. "ESRI is pleased that CIVICTechnologies is making these tools and data available to the entire campus community in an easy-to-use format."

Highlights of BusinessDecision Academic
  • Combines extensive consumer household data, market segmentation data, population forecasts and demographic data with state of the art mapping technology
  • Integrates ESRI data across all reports, including Tapestry market segmentation data
  • Entirely web-based, with reports delivered online "on the fly"
  • Libraries can choose national or census region coverage
  • Wizard-driven intuitive interface so that anyone can create maps, reports and spreadsheets without having to be trained in using GIS

CIVICTechnologies provides a full suite of web services, customized applications and consulting services to meet the complete GIS needs of public libraries and businesses—from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies — across a diverse range of industries. CIVICTechnologies enables its customers to visualize data in new and innovative ways in order to deliver more effective products and services, make better informed decisions, build consensus faster, allocate resources more wisely, and implement organization-wide solutions more effectively. For more information, call Marc Futterman toll free at (888) 606-7600 or email him at; or visit For more about BusinessDecision visit

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