GIS Application Provider Recognized for Contribution to Economic Sustainability through Libraries

Palm Springs, CA — March 18, 2007 — ESRI, the worldwide leader in designing and developing geographic information system (GIS) technology, announced today that CIVICTechnologies has received its 2007 Partner of the Year award for the California region in recognition of its innovative work with public libraries. The company was selected out of over 800 ESRI Partners to receive the award. The announcement was made at the 2007 ESRI Worldwide Business Partner Conference.

CIVICTechnologies works with libraries to apply GIS technology to their strategic and facilities planning as well as to enhance service to their small business communities. The company's BusinessDecision database web service utilizes ESRI consumer household data, Tapestry market segmentation data, thematic mapping and demographic projections, among other features. Using data previously available only to large corporations, BusinessDecision delivers to small business patrons graphs, reports, and maps that present information for customized market areas. The company also offers LibraryDecision, a suite of GIS-based planning and analysis tools to help libraries visualize their service areas, analyze their data, relate patron activity to service patterns, and act to develop and implement strategic initiatives.

According to Frank Martin, Business Development Manager, ESRI-California, CIVICTechnologies has extended the powerful ESRI data and software platform into the library marketplace with their specialized knowledge and expertise in that area. "CIVICTechnologies has demonstrated how libraries can use a broad array of advanced information and analytical tools to help patrons grow their business by better understanding their market, identifying new customers and winning over the competition," he said.

"We're grateful that ESRI recognizes our commitment to, and the importance of, public libraries," said Marc Futterman, president of CIVICTechnologies. "This award is a testament to our library clients and their dedication to better serving their communities. With ESRI's software and data, we are helping libraries contribute to the economic sustainability of their communities by supporting small business through BusinessDecision and aiding library administrators to deliver more effective services through our suite of LibraryDecision planning and management tools. Strengthening the relevancy and vitality of libraries in our communities is our mission."

Futterman said BusinessDecision can be a key component in forging a closer relationship between libraries and their business communities, a major theme of the recent Urban Libraries Council (ULC) report, Making Cities Stronger. "As a corporate member of ULC we are engaged in moving forward the recommendations of the report to position libraries as partners in economic development," he added. The LibraryDecision suite of services includes:
  • SnapShot: a brief eye-catching report that analyzes demographic trends, socio-economic issues, consumer interests and market segments.
  • Planner: a web service that combines a variety of data to measure through service indicators how well outlet service areas meet the unique needs of local communities and neighborhoods.
  • Patron: a customized GIS application that measures and analyzes library use patterns at the outlet level and system wide.
  • Voter: a customized GIS application that compares historical library use patterns, voting patterns and population characteristics to assist libraries win funding support at the ballot box.
CIVICTechnologies provides a full suite of web services, customized applications and consulting services to meet the complete GIS needs of public libraries and businesses—from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies — across a diverse range of industries. CIVICTechnologies enables its customers to visualize data in new and innovative ways in order to deliver more effective products and services, make better informed decisions, build consensus faster, allocate resources more wisely, and implement organization-wide solutions more effectively. For more information, call Marc Futterman toll free at (888) 606-7600 or email him at; or visit For more about BusinessDecision visit

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